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Monongahela incline

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Honesty, integrity and quality are our founding principles. Your project is given complete attention from start to finish. We offer over 7,500 colors and textures from 8 different suppliers. 

Our facility has:

5,000 Square Foot Facility

6' x 6' x 22' Oven

10' x 10' x 25' Spray Booth

18' x 18' x 36' Blast Room

150 lb. Clemco Blasting Pot

2 650lb. Schmidt Blasting Pot's

10,000lb forklift/ 20,000lb crane truck

Our services include:


Powder Coating

Industrial Painting

In-House Media Blasting

Mobile Blasting

C.A.R.C. Coating

Annodizing (Type 3)